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T3 Implants

Preservation by Design ®

The T3 implant is designed to deliver aesthetic results through tissue preservation.

• Contemporary hybrid surface provided by complex multi-surface topography.

• Seal integrity provided by a stable and tight abutment/implant interface.

• Integrated platform switching.

* Product available in the Caribbean

T3® Short implants

Implant treatment options for deficiencies in vertical height.

The T3 short implant’s length and features are designed to provide an implant treatment option in some challenging clinical cases where the bone height is insufficient for standard-length implants.

•Initial bone-to-implant contact (IBIC) •Implant/abutment clamping force •Platform switching
* Product available in the Caribbean

Clinical studies on the Osseotite Surface continue to document the benefits of increased contact osteogenesis, especially in poor-quality bone.

The Osseotite Implant features an acid-etched surface designed to facilitate osseointegration.

• Numerous studies report 98%.cumulative success rates

• Facilitates the osseointegration process

• Demonstrates high implant contact with the new bone

• Human histology with demonstrated high bone-to-implant contact.

* Product available in the Caribbean and Costa Rica
Trabecular Metal™ Dental Implants

The BioBoost effect is a multiplication of naturally-occurring growth factors to deliver faster healing and earlier bone formation than with traditional implants.

RAPID RECOVERY:Accelerate recovery with a 2-week final loading protocol. RISK MANAGEMENT: Expand the treatment of poor bone and impaired healing. REVISION THERAPY: Leverage the healing in implant replacement.
Eztetic™ Implant 3.1mm

It is strong, aesthetic solution for narrow anterior. By combining an innovative implant design, a conical, double Friction-Fit™ connection and surgical protocol, 3.1-mmD Eztetic implant can deliver beautiful and long-lasting smiles.

• Cement-retained restorations

• Tissue healing, impression transfer and provisional restorations

• Adequate restorative profiles for esthetic emergencies

• MTX surface for increased bone apposition

Tapered Screw-Vent® Implants

The Tapered Screw-Vent (TSV) implant has earned the trust of thousands of surgeons throughout the world for delivering successful outcomes to their patients. This success is well documented by 130 peer-reviewed papers and a 98.7% cumulative survival rate.

• Triple-lead threads are designed to achieve intimate bone contact at implant placement.

• The soft-bone surgical protocol enables both bone compression and provides additional stability in poor quality sites.

• In dense bone, the stepped finishing drill enables apical bone engagement for initial stability.

• High degree of bone-to-implant contact (BIC) and osteoconductive capacity.

• Successful clinical results under immediate loading conditions.